Top 3D Printed Spinners

If you own a 3D printer and want to get into the  hobby of fidget spinners, you’re in for a treat. Thanks to websites like Thingiverse an MyMiniFactory, we have access to thousands of FREE models to download and print. On this page I’ll be sharing my favorite ones, if you want to add something to this list, just write down in the comments and I’ll take a look at it!

Tip: Don’t have a 3D printer? Check out my DIY-guide or just buy a manufactured one.

Which filament should you choose?

Fidget spinner toys can be printed in any filament, PLA, ABS, nylon, PVA, ASA, POM and many more. I print all of my fidget toys in black PLA and they work wonders. Even if you accidentally mess up your tolerances, you can easily heat the spinner up and insert your bearings/weights, that way you’ll get the best fit possible. ABS is also pretty popular, but will require a heated bed and is not as easy to work with.

The best 3D printed fidget spinners

Get your nozzle heated up, because we’re about to print some of the coolest hand spinners out there. If you downloaded a model but find that the bearings do not fit, try either heating it up and pushing them in or reprint it at 1-2% larger. This normally fixes any tolerance issues you might have.

This list is updated regularly, be sure to check back once in a while to see the latest updates.

Click the title to open the project page in a new window.


Probably the most popular and downloaded one, it has over 36367 download from makers all over the world. It features the basic tri spinner design. For weights you’ll need three normal skateboard bearings.

When you download this file you’ll get the drawing and also the files for the caps.

The Triplex

Another highly popular tri spinner, this one is a little interesting since it’s an open design. The design was so popular the designer actually created a Kickstarter campaign that was highly successful, you should check it out. The goal of the campaign is to create a 5 dollar spinner that will be available in retail stores.

Gyroscope07 Tri Spinner

This is pretty much a remix of 2ROBOTGUY’s tri spinner, the main difference here is that it’s slimmed town a lot more and doesn’t use as much material.

Knurled Tri Spinner

If you find yourself loosing grip on the spinners above, why not try this one from 3D central which is knurled all the way around? Not only does it spin good, it looks pretty good too.

M12 Hexnut Spinner

If you’re short on ball bearings or just want something different, this cool hexnut spinner is the thing for you. It uses large M12 hexnuts as weights instead of ball bearings. Compact size makes it easy to carry around and flick.

M8 Hexnut Spinner

This is actually my first fidget spinner I designed, it uses standard M8 hexnuts (chances are you’ll have these laying around if you built your printer) and a ball bearing. Tolerances are a little off but should be fine if you scale it up by 1% or use heat to push everything in.

Genji Overwatch Spinner

Do you play a lot of Overwatch (if not, you should start ASAP!)? Do you love to play as Genji? Look no further because this is the fidget spinner for you. You can choose between his classic shuriken model or the “arabic” skin verison.

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