The Best Fidget Spinner of 2017

Best Fidget Spinner 2017It seems like in a matter of minutes, the majority of the world got ADD or ADHD. What am I talking about? I’m of course talking about fidget spinners and fidget toys. In the recent month these little twiddle toys have exploded in popularity, they used to be one of those things only skillful DIYers could do, but nowadays they are readily available in various online stores. The concept is unbelievable simple, get a symmetrical object, stick a skateboard bearing in the middle of it all and you got yourself a hand spinner.

The sudden need for fidgeting with your hands arose back in 2016 when a Kickstarter campaign called The Fidget Cube got some attention. Their campaign was featured on various big tech sites, including Mashable, TheGuardian, The Verge, TechCrunch and many more. The creators had hoped to raise at least 15,000 US dollars, but this little cube got way more than that. Dare to guess how much? Let just say it was more than you probably expect… A whopping $6,465,690 was raised in a matter of days! Who would’ve known that so many people had the urge to keep their fingers and hand occupied. Or rather, who would’ve known that so many people suffered from focusing difficulties?

As you might imagine, the cube started a new trend. Fast forward a few months and there’s a new plaything in town, the fidget spinner. What started out as a simple piece of plastic has evolved into something much more exciting, you now have the choice of getting them in titanium, wood, acrylics, basically any hard material you can think of. But there’s actually more than just looks when it come to these spinners, as the name suggests, they’re supposed to spin. And we can all agree that something that just spins for just a few seconds is no where as fun as something that spins for several minutes, right? If you’re looking to get the best, you’ve found it, here’s our top list of the fidget spinner in 2017.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to check our guide to finding the best ball bearings, you don’t want a spin time of a few seconds do you?

The best fidget spinners of 2017


Anti Anxiety 360 SpinnerThe ZekPro is probably one of the (if not the most) popular fidget spinners on the market today. With its simple and durable design, it’s hard not to like it. It has over 144 customers reviews and a solid rating of 4.8 stars out of a total of 5. It’s in fact so popular reviews are dropping in by the minute if you check the Amazon page.

It features the classic tri-design, meaning it uses three bearings as a weight and one ball bearing in the middle. The outer bearings are your standard steel ones, while the center piece is a ceramic one, meaning you get that extra spinning time.

There are tons of copies of this spinner out there since it’s just a generic model, if you want to be sure you get the real deal, I suggest purchasing it from ZekPro. If you order the ZekPro spinner and cube at the same time you’ll get a 20% discount as well, definitely getting your moneys worth here.

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Very much like the Zekpro, the Wowstar tri hand spinner has the same identical design. The design is proved to be optimal for flicking and will provide maximum stability, so there’s really nothing to complain about. It’s listed as a #1 best seller on Amazon right now, and that is most likely due it to its very low price. This hand toy will cost you less than 4 bucks, that’s a steal!

Some users have complained about the center bearing not being up to standards, and that’s to be expected since it’s a hybrid ceramic bearing, meaning it has both steel and ceramic materials.

IF you’re looking for a spinner that is uper cheap you really can’t go wrong with the Wowstar one, just be weary you’ll get what you pay for. Spintime is mediocre and and the material doesn’t feel too great either. For a first timer this is a great because it’s so cheap, it gives you a little taste of what’s to come.

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For their 2017 version, 7D CUSTOMS decided to incorporate som colors into their tri-spinner. It has a smooth finish made from durable materials, and no, it’s not 3D printed but rather injected molded. The center bearing has a nice and thick cap with a raised edge, making it easy to hold and rest on your fingers. The cap also prevents any dirt from entering the bearing which would ruin the performance.

7D CUSTOMS claims these are made individually handmade in the US, which is always nice. They also claim this spinner is virtually unbreakable, a bold claim to make but reading the positive reviews this might actually be true.

Please note that only one fidget toy is included, sadly you can’t choose which color you want you’ll just have to settle for the color you get.

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Destroyer Brands

I know I know, the first three weren’t too exciting. If you want something extraordinary this cool gear/cog inspired design will give you wet dreams. An ordinary hand spinner is satisfying, when you add rotating gears into the mixture you get a something amazing. The cogs really make this a show piece, however they also have a downside to them.

If you’re looking for insane spin times, this is not the model you want to purchase. As you probably already guessed, the gears might look cool but they also add a ton of friction to it. A ceramic bearing might increase the rotation time a little bit, but don’t expect anything longer than a minute.

Other than that it feels very solid and durable, they even claim it can be run over by a truck. Question is, will it be spinnable afterwards? I’ll wait til someone else tries, I rather keep mine intact. Another thing you may find as a downside is the lack of a button for the center bearing, luckily Destroyer Brands are working on offering buttons.

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Brass hand toyWe’re breaking the tri-spinner trend with this shiny anxiety relief toy from AMILIFE. With it’s small and slim profile this is the ultimate EDC (everyday carry) spinner, it will fit practically anywhere, even in tight jeans pockets. Don’t be fooled by the shiny and glossy finish, while it looks like it made out of metal, it’s sadly made from a type of plastic resin. Some might find that as positive thing as it makes the whole thing much lighter.

No ceramic bearing in this but rather your ordinary stainless steel bearing. This plus the fact that there are no additional weights at the ends will compromise spin time some what. AMILIFE claims it will spin for up to 3 minutes, but a closer expectation is about 2 minutes or so.

It’s also a best seller on Amazon right now, if you want a quality spinner for cheap there has never been a better time now, so make sure to get it before the discount is gone.

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This clean looking ADHD focus toy is actually one of my favorites. The whole construction is made out of metal, copper and brass to be exact. Since it’s made from metal it doesn’t need any additional weights. The design is compact and will probably outlast any other ADHD toy on the market.

It uses an admixture ceramics bearing, which customers have reported are better than both normal ceramic and steel ball bearings. Giving it a good flick you’re looking a spin time of 4 minutes. The compact design makes this an ideal choice for those of you looking for a one handed spinner.

Caps are pretty impressive too, they’re machined and match the quality of those that cost more than twice as much.

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Continuing on with the copper themed anxiety relief toys, we have this tri-model from TYZEST. Unlike the VICTOREM copper finish, this one is polished and gives off a really nice shine. In my opinion it has a more premium feel to it than any other copper plated model.

The body of the ADHD focus toy is made out of 100% red copper, milled with a CNC machine to ensure that it will be perfectly balanced. The design provides a nice balance and weight distribution.

It has a hybrid ceramic bearing in the center and will give you a pretty nice spin time of 3-5 minutes if you can give it a good flick with your finger.

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But what if you’re the type of guy that doesn’t like shiny and fancy metals or plastic? What if you’re the type of guy that prefers organic materials? Then you should check out this awesome wooden tri spinner from Yomaxer. It has a shuriken (ninja star) design which deep grooves so your finger can really dig in and flick it hard. It’s pretty rare to find a fidget spinner that’s made out of wood, so you can imagine I was thrilled when I found this one.

It’s made from one sheet of plywood and features a total of 4 bearings, the center bearing is a standard stainless steel bearing. Not sure about the ABEC rating on this one but customers report a spin time of less than a minute. For first timers it will still be a blast.

The biggest drawback to the wooden Yomaxer spinner is the fact that it’s made out of cheap plywood. Yes I know, wood is cool but it will sadly break really easy. Drop it once and you’re guaranteed to break off a corner making it pretty much unusable. So be careful if you decide to get this one!

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Winter is soon over (or not, depending when you read this) but that doesn’t mean a snowflake inspired focus toy is wrong! Unlike the other ones in my list this one 3D printed with a special SLA printer, that means a special resin has been used. While it has a cool finish it sadly not that durable, dropping on the ground will break it for sure.

The snowflake design is based of a popular design on Thingiverse, the main difference is the fact that Yomaxer doesn’t mention that you could use hex nuts in this one. The 6 hexagon holes are meant to be used for ordinary nuts, so if you want to add  a little bit of weight to it, just take a trip down to the hardware store.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s pretty big, if you’re an adult with small hands or planning to get this to your kid, it will most likely be too big to spin properly.

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And to end my list with something spectacular, a fluorescent fidget spinner. How cool is that? It’s based of the same design as the most popular spinners, three bearings on the outside and ceramic bearing in the middle.  It’s also very cheap costing just under 4 dollar, making it something literally everyone can afford.

Spin time is pretty good lasting about 3 minutes if you can give it a good flick.  It comes with a button for both the top and bottom so you can hold it easier.

A complaint some customers had was the the glow wasn’t as bright as pictured on their Amazon page. It certainly does look enhanced so be wary, it will most likely be like another glow in the dark gadget.

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What is a fidget spinner anyway?

A fidget spinner can viewed as a toy or a stress relief object that can be carried with you every day. These gadgets are popular in the EDC (everyday carry) community, they are also highly popular among people who suffer from anxiety, ADD, ADHD or other conditions where you can easily lose focus. And let’s face it, almost everyone has probably found themselves fiddling around with something at the office or at home, either a clickable pen, or something else. We live in a world where stress in inevitable, so it’s actually not a surprise why they have gained so much popularity.

The idea behind an EDC hand spinner is to always have something close at hand that can calm you down, whether you’re trying to quit smoking or have a bad habit of clicking pens, these spinners will help you overcome your “demons”. Getting that urge to smoke a cigarette? Use you spinner instead. Biting your nails? Why not bite the bullet instead and get yourself a cool spinner? Believe it or not, but many people all over the world have actually managed to cure their annoying habits by using a hand toy like this. It may sound like total baloney but trust me, you’ll get addicted in no time.

DIY or buy a manufactured one?

So what’s the best fidget spinner, is it a homemade one or a professionally manufactured?  The reality is that both can be just as good. Obviously creating one yourself is quite challenging, especially if you want to get everything balanced perfectly. If you can live with the fact the fact that your hand spinner might not be spinning for a very long time, creating one yourself is actually quite fun. Like I mentioned above, you can create a spinner from literally any solid material you have at home. If you own a 3D printer you’re in a for a treat, because 3D printing these bad boys is super easy and there are over thousands of free models available online.

If you don’t fancy going down the DIY-route, you could always hop onto Amazon or Etsy and browse the thousands already made fidget spinners. The advantage of buying a hand spinner is that you can be sure you’re getting something that will spin correctly and is also properly balanced. They also look pretty awesome, even if handmade spinners can be cool too, there’s just something about a precision machined piece that’s hard to beat.

The key to getting a long spin

The key to a successful spinner is not the material, nor the design of it (although the aesthetics do play a small role in performance), it’s the ball bearing located inside. Getting something to spin for a very long time ain’t something new, people used to brag about their longboard wheels spinning for minutes on end. The key to getting those satisfying spins is buying a skateboard bearing with a high ABEC rating, these ratings go from 1 up to 9. A bearing with an ABEC 1 rating will spin smoothly but no where near as good as an ABEC 9 bearing. Higher ratings ensures that the bearing has been machined with pinpoint precision and has as little friction as possible.

A good video on how to make bearings spin more freely:


There are of course some simple “hacks” you could do to improve the spinning time as the video shows above. Simply removing the grease and lubricant inside the ball bearing will make it spin for a longer period of time, but it will also create friction, which over time will ruin the balls. Don’t worry too much about that though, by the time your bearing is a goner you’ve probably grown tired of your spinner anyway.

For those looking for the best of the best, the Koenigsegg of bearings, should look for something called ceramic bearing. These are not made from metal but rather from a ceramic material (shocking right?). Compared to steel, the ceramic bearing has almost no friction at all, it’s uncommon for a ceramic bearing to spin at least three times longer. But if these bearings are so much better, why even bother with lousy steel ones? Well to be honest, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t. Back in the days, ceramic bearings were much more expensive, but these days you can buy a full set for less than $15.

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