About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I’m the owner of the FidgetExpert.com.

I’m just a simple guy with a passion for DIY-projects, so when I discovered the wonderful world of fidget spinners I was instantly hooked. While this website was meant to be a center around all kinds of fidget toys from the start, I quickly realized I’m really just interested in spinners. Those cubes and other things are really not as fun, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never write about them. I just find more satisfaction in designing the actual spinner on my computer and making it come to life through 3D printing.

On this website I’ll share all my knowledge regarding this hobby, how you can started, where you can buy the best parts (bearings and the actual spinners themselves). I also have some tutorials that you can read through to get you started, I recommend getting my PDF book, it’s located in the sidebar.  It’s completely free and gives you all information you need to create your very first spinner.

And if you have suggestions about my website or if you’d like to see any tutorials, feel free to contact me. Take care!

Mike M