Cheap Fidget Toys – Is It Safe to Play?

There are many fidget spinners available in the market with different size, weight, color, design and of course price. There are expensive and very affordable ones, so you have plenty of fidget toys to choose from. Either you buy expensive or cheap fidget toys; there is always a chance that it would be harmful to your children. Just like any other things that you can see at home or inside your school, if you will not take care of these things while being played with your kids then you will likely experience issues in the future. Since these fidget toys has small parts inside it, there is a chance that your kid might swallow the parts so it is not a wise idea to let your kids play fidget toys if they are not in the right age.

How Safe Are Cheap Fidget Spinners?

Many people have been asking the question if the cheap fidget toys are safe. Well the answer is it really depends. But it is also important to check the cheap fidget toys you want your kids to play with before you hand it to them. Make sure that the parts are intact and don’t just let your kids play with the toy at young age. It is also essential that you let them understand why they should not swallow parts from these toys, so they could determine that it is not good to put it inside their mouth. Even expensive ones can be harmful to your children if you do not warn them about not to swallow the parts of the toy.

The cheap fidget toys can have higher chance to have broken parts after many times its being used, but not all of the cheap fidget toys are easily damaged because it really depends on how the user handle the toy and how reliable the manufacturer of the toy is. As much as possible don’t let kids that are not in the right age to play fidget spinner to prevent problems to happen in the future.

For those kids at the right age to play fidget spinner toys, it is also important to let them know that it is not right to use pointed designs for their spinner toys, because it may harm them or harm other kids that they play with. Yes, customizing your own fidget spinner is fun but let us also not forget that the pointed edge may harm the user or the other kids that they play with.

Overall it’s all about how the fidget toys are being used. With guidance from parents there will be no problem using these fidget toys since the main purpose of the toy is to provide fun and increase focus for the kids with ADHD. Though it’s entertaining to do spinning tricks with this fidget spinner toy even if it’s a tool for others who suffers anxiety and ADHD.

What People Say About Cheap Fidget Toys?

More and more people love the fidget spinning toys not just because they are entertained with its spinning capability but also because of its design. Many are interested of customizing their fidget toys just the way they like it. Another thing that people want to add in their fidget spinner is the LED lights that add effect when their fidget toys are spinning.

People have different reactions about these fidget toys, there are good things and bad things that they could say about the toy since it is created to distract people with ADHD and increase their focus on the lecture. It is also known to distract students from various schools leading them to ban fidget spinners in their schools like in London, Chicago and many more.

Other people are not happy with banning fidget spinner inside the school because like the moms of kids with ADHD or anxiety, their kids feel equal with other kids after they see that they are playing the same toy. They feel good about themselves and banning the fidget spinner would surely take away the smiles on their face. Other schools already banned fidget spinners and more schools are planning to ban these fidget toys because many kids are losing attention to the lecture, instead they are playing with their toys that made most of the teachers hate fidget spinners.

What would you say about fidget spinners? At the end of the day, it’s going to be your choice for your kids. But at least you can still buy them cheap fidget toys and let them play at home instead in their school. Whether it’s gives good or bad effect to your kids, one thing is for sure about these fidget spinners it gives fun and excitement for the users.

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