So… Are fidget spinners really helping us or not?

So while fidget spinners are all great fun, their intended purpose was to be a stress relief toy rather than a cool gadget. The spinners are supposed to make you feel calmer and reduce your anxiety, but does it really work? That’s one question lot of people have been asking themselves, while some say it helps them or their kids, other parents will say it makes their children stupid.

Sensory toys are nothing new, while most of them are kept from the mainstream media sometimes they somehow manage to grab the average Joe’s attention. Remember a couple of years back when those yellow stress balls were all the rage? Yep, it’s the same thing basically. These kinds of toys have been used for years to improve focus and learning, so why should spinners be any different?

While I can’t really answer that question, I have my theory. If I were to be honest, I would say the naysayers are close-minded people. It’s easy to neglect something and say it’s stupid, it’s harder to actually take the time and understand it. Here are a some reasons why you maybe shouldn’t neglect the spinner just yet:

There are plenty of evidence showing that children and adults that have a hard time focusing for longer periods of time usually improve if they’re allowed to move. Even you might be guilty of this, do you click your pen? Tap your feet? Scribble on a piece of paper while talking to someone? If you do, you’re probably doing it because it helps you to concentrate. What’s important to remember that humans are different and there’s never a solution that will fit everyone, while a spinner might help you, clicking a pen might be better for the other guy.

The good thing about spinners is the fact that they’re quiet (most of them) and will not bother anyone close to you. Sadly, not everyone realizes this and there have been plenty of schools in America that have banned the use of fidget spinners completely. The reason? They think that the spinners actually distracts students from learning, rather than concentrating.

So to answer my own question: Yes, spinners will help a lot of people to focus and quit annoying habits like clicking pens or biting nails. HOWEVER! It doesn’t mean that it’s a cure for everyone. If you find it annoying that your kid is using a spinner, you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate. They might like it for a reason, and not just because it’s a trend.

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