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Hello there my fellow fidgeteers! Are you like me and have a hard time keeping your hands still? It could be nail biting, clicking pens, smoking or just about anything that’s an annoying habit. We all suffer from it, some more than others. Fidget toys have in the recent months become a trendy thing, but they are actually more than just a cool toy. These little hand toys help people that suffer ADHD, ADD, anxiety and other other disorders that makes you easily lose focus.

I personally do not suffer from anything, at least that I know of, but I find these small fidget toys to be a fun hobby. This site is meant to help people to find the best fidget toy for their needs, whether that’s a fidget spinner or a something entirely different. I will also be uploading my own personal projects which you can download for free, the only requirement is that you have a 3D printer. If not there are always services that let you 3D print something for a small sum of money.

Fidget Spinners

This is the main focus of my website, so you’ll be reading a lot about it here.  Down below you’ll find some of my articles that I highly recommend you check out. You will probably learn a thing or two, even if you’re a seasoned veteran like me. Enjoy!

The ultimate buying guide

If you can’t be bothered with doing your own spinner, then you’re better off just buying one of Amazon. There are literally hundreds variants and they are all super cheap! In this article I cover what I consider to be the best ones and I also include some unique spinners that you won’t find anywhere else. This top list is updated every once in a while. Click here to read the guide.

How to find the best bearings

You might have the coolest looking spinner in the whole wide world, but how are you going to impress people if it doesn’t spin for several minutes? Having good ball bearings is essential to having a long spin time. Did you actually know that there are ball bearings made from different materials? And that each material has a different effect on the spin time? Not only is the right material important, how you treat the bearing is also pretty important. In this article I’ll cover a couple of good bearings you can buy, how you can maintain them so they last longer and also how to make them spin for longer. Check the article by clicking here.

Make your very own spinner

Don’t have the money to buy a manufactured spinner? Well you’re in luck because these are super easy to make, the only limit is your creativity really. People from all over the world have created fidget spinners from rubber bands, paracord, wood, glue, popsicle sticks, literally everything! Click here to read my DIY guide.

If you have a 3D printer I can also recommend you read my top list of the best 3D printed fidget spinners.

More articles to be published soon…